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2017-07-04 - 10:08 p.m.

Maybe Jack Should Keep His Psycho Shit To Himself (2)


She wanted to lock me up before she left. If I am not careful, she really will

Ha! Careful? Really?

You sloppy psycho fuck.

The harder I try to make it look "okay" "good" or not as bad as it is, the worse it will
look. Worse than if I didn't try.

She'll take one look at me and know everything.

What have you got to hide?

Your red handed smile isn't hiding it very well anyway.

But I don't know how much I feel like telling her my psycho shit. Maybe I am angry. Even
if I am being emotionally immature. I am still fucking angry.

She has not called or texted me once.

There have been no every other day phone therapy calls.

Yes I remember that I can call her anytime if I am having a crisis. She always picks up. Even on the weekends. I try not bother her to unless I absolutely have to.

But she said...

Don't fucking say one thing to me then do something else or not do it at all.

It's fine. It's me. Not you.

I am in a horrible place right now. Taking it out on myself.

Rejected. Alone. Broken hearted.

I feel stupid and crazy. I fucking hate myself.

I am tired of chasing people around. Fucking waving my arms above my head like a cast away
just to register on the radar. Fucking crying on the floor like a frustrated toddler that
just wants their needs met.

I don't fucking know.

I have to get a fucking grip.

I say as mine is only a finger or two away from gone.

"In Tyler We Trust"

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Maybe Jack Should Keep His Psycho Shit To Himself (2) - 2017-07-04
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